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Robin KAY
Curriculum Vitae


High Wycombe
HP12, United Kingdom

+44 (0)7985 268025



Working on a large F# code-base of a confidential nature.


Software Engineer
Google UK Ltd

Technical lead on integrating a third-party training platform with internal systems. Designed, implemented, and deployed a robust system in Java for exchanging data with the vendor, and supported eight internal teams to adopt the platform.


Senior Software Engineer
Altera Europe Ltd

Worked on a synthesis tool which compiles high-level schematic models into efficient HDL for FPGAs. Focused on enhancements to optimisation pipeline within a substantial multi-language code-base comprising C++, Java, Matlab script, and VHDL.


Graduate Design Engineer
Imagination Technologies Ltd

Responsible for developing and maintaining drivers and firmware written in C for video decode silicon-IP.


M.Sc., Advanced Computer Science, with distinction.
University of Birmingham

Principle research project concerned developing an LLVM pass to transform interpreters into JIT compilers.


B.Sc., Computer Science, 1st class.
University of Hull

Open Source

HsQML – A library which allows user-interfaces for Haskell programs to be authored using the Qt Quick framework and its modelling language, QML.


fsrewrite – A utility for Solaris which allows non-privileged users to virtually remap file-system paths.


xine – Contributed support for hardware accelerated video playback with various workstation graphics cards.


Functional Programming
Experience of using Haskell and its common extensions to develop programs and libraries for personal and academic use. Active maintainer of several packages on Hackage, the repository for Haskell software.

Embedded and System-level Programming
Commercial experience developing software for resource constrained embedded devices using C and assembly.

Maintenance Engineering
Commercial experience collaborating within a team on the maintenance and enhancement of a large C++ code-base. Familiar with best practices.

Scripting and Tool Development
Commercial experience of developing small tools in various languages to automate tasks and analyse data.

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